October 23, 2020

2015年アスタナ世界柔道選手権大会 壮行式・激励の言葉 (2015.7.28)


先日行われた壮行式にて、講道館少年部 桑田 彩菜さん(小6)より日本代表選手へ送られた激励の言葉をご紹介いたします。


講道館少年部 桑田 彩菜 (くわた あやな)

【Words for Cheers】
*for representatives ahtletes of World Championships from Ms. Ayana Kuwata (elementaly 6 grader) who belongs to Kodokan Boys and Girls class.

I have been Judo since I was 4 years old.
And my dream is to win international competitions like all of you.

Now, the number of Judoka in Japan has been decreasing.
So I want all of you to become champions at the world championships this time.
If you won, Medias should be broadcast widely about your performance in Japan, and someone may have an interest in Judo, or even someone starts Judo.

Decrease of Judoka is very sad for me, because the origin of Judo is our country, Japan.
My friends do not know the rules of Judo and also what Judo is.
I think I want Judo to become more famous which everyone knows the rules even they do not do Judo

If you won this Championships with fair play attitude, it should attract Japanese people how Judo is wonderful.

Please keep rules and show us Japanese Ippon Judo.

We are cheering for you.

I wish all of you, Good luck.

Ayana Kuwata
Kodokan Boys and Girls Class