October 20, 2020



No-BJF/2007/03 Date: 08/01/2007

To, Mr. Nobuyuki Sato All Japan Judo Federation C/o Kodokan Judo Institute 1-16-30 Kasuga, bunkyo-ku Tokyo, 112-0003, Japan Email. intl@kodokan.org

Subject :  Receipt of Judogies.


Please accept my warm greetings for the new year and beyond.

I on behalf of Bangladesh Judo Federation would like to convey our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for sending 100 sets of Judogies. I would like to assure you the optimum use of these Judogies in the development, promotion and practice of Judo as a sport in Bangladesh.
I am confident that this token of kind gesture would go a long way in cementing the fraternal bondage between our two Federations.


Thanking you in anticipation.
Best regards.

Major General M. Akbar Akhtar
Bangladesh Judo Federation