October 20, 2020

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Message from the President

Tokyo, July 2019

On June 2019, the All Japan Judo Federation Executive Committee and Board of Trustees nominated me to my second term as President of the All Japan Judo Federation.

The All Japan Judo Federation bases its policy on “changing what needs be changed and preserving matters which must not”. This policy is applied to the two main pillars of “development of high-performance sport” and “enhancement of human education through Judo”. We operate our programs based on this vision so we can further enrich Judo’s role in our society.
The World Championship Tokyo will be held this year, followed by the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Our coaches and athletes are working as one team so that they can achieve their goals.

The foundation of promoting Judo is through the success of the athletes. To develop this foundation, we have Judo camps to increase the number of young boys and girls who are interested in Judo. We also nurture the middle school and high school age groups by holding lectures across the country with the theme of “start and continue Judo”. We will continue these programs to develop a healthy base of judokas.

We are promoting Judo as a way for all people, including individuals with disabilities, to achieve their personal best through the “Judo for All” initiative. We are collaborating with the high-performance program for visually impaired judokas so that they can achieve their potential at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. For individuals with intellectual disabilities, we host national competitions to provide a platform for mutual exchange and building networks. In May 2019, we expanded our activities to overseas by dispatching a team to Europe. We are currently in the stages of planning programs for individuals with hearing disabilities.

Goals and dreams are necessary to achieve something meaningful. My dream is to create a Judo world where children cannot wait to go to the dojo for their next practice. I want individuals who have never practiced Judo to recognize it not just as sport, but as a mean of human education. Judo is not only about winning and losing; it is about winning in life. Realizing this dream will be my life work.

I will operate this federation with the help and expertise of many individuals and organizations so that Judo will further develop in Japan. We will continue to devote ourselves so that children can be proud to identify themselves as Judokas and consequently, create a society where Judo inspires people to go after their dreams. We thank you for your continuous support in this journey.

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