All Japan Judo Federation awarded with the Foreign Minister’s Commendation

The All Japan Judo Federation was awarded the Foreign Minister’s Commendation for FY 2017 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the outstanding achievements in “Spreading Judo in Foreign Countries”. The award ceremony took place on July 6th at the Iikura Guest House. The honor was awarded to the All Japan Judo Federation, General Secretary – Mr.Nakazato Soya by the Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs – Mr.Sonoura Kentaro.

The following international contribution projects headed by the All Japan Judo Federation were acclaimed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  1. Dispatching Japanese sensei’s and student volunteers to foreign countries in international exchange
  2. Accommodating foreign athletes visiting Japan
  3. Sending Judogi and Tatami to foreign countries

The All Japan Judo Federation will continue to lead these goodwill international projects. A heartfelt thank you to the continuous understanding and cooperation of the people involved in our projects.