November 11, 2019

<< Sport for Tomorrow >> Reusable tatamis and judogis donation to Senegal

sport for tomorrowIn collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, as part of the international contribution measures << Sport for Tomorrow >> initiated by the Japanese government, All Japan Judo Federation is contributing reusable judogis and tatamis to countries lacking judo equipment or in high expectations of better judo environment.

We have delivered a set of 50 reusable tatamis and 50 judogis to Republic of Senegal. The tatamis were donated through the courtesy of the Tokyo University, the judogis through the NPO Solidarity of International Judo Education.
On 31st August 2016, the donation ceremony attended by Mr. Takashi KITAHARA, Ambassador of Japan to Senegal, Mr. Djibril BEYE, from Ministry of Sports, Mr. Babacar Makhtar WADE, President of Senegal Judo Federation, young athletes of Judo National Team and related members, has been held at the Japanese Embassy in Senegal.
The young Judokas showed up here are next generations who would lead the future of Judo in Senegal, some even won medals in Junior African Judo Championships held in July. The tatamis will be used in national dojo of Dakar, where the national team athletes too will work on training.


The Reusable tatamis and judogis donation ceremony held on 31st August 2016